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This is a free internet chatting service or a web chattting or you may be you can call it online chattting website or may be an instant messaging site if you like. Depends on your what name you choose!! We havevery fast loading java based chat rooms which loads up in a few seconds and does not require any registration like many other chat rooms.

Overview of !!

A Free and fast loading Java Based Chat Rooms. They are free and will always be free. We promise !!

Chat in public lobby or public chat room or in private messages with a person of your choice.

You have the option to ignore the person with whom you do not wish to chat. Just take the cursor to the person's name in the chat room and do a right click after selecting it. You will get the option to ignore the person

Start chatting instantly without registration. It is an instant chat room. No login id or password needed.

No Registration is required to enter the Chat Room which means you can can intantly start chatting without registration.

No E-mail address required for chatting. We do not ask or require your e-mail address for chatting purpose. This means that it's just a matter of few seconds that you would be inside the Chat Room and chatting with a lot of people may be in private messages or in public lobby.

This is a Free Chat Room specially meant for Indians however we welcome people from all over the world to interact with each other.

This website is absolutely free to use and it will always be free.

We all know that is a general belief, that once you shared your problems with anyone, no matter whom , be it a stranger or anybody, or someone you do not know nor have ever met not you will ever meet, doesn't matter, you will feel that your pain and agony had reduced and you will feel better. That's the basic purpose of this website.

If your are bored of chattting with your regular friends this is a good place to make new friends however this website is not a substitute or altrnative to dating websites as dating is not the primary purpose of this website.

Many times strangers work out to be better friends as you do not know them personally nor they know you. So you can chat openly, discuss your problems in the online chat with them without the fear of being identified.

Almost everyone has one or a few problems, may be related to work, love, affair, office, family, career, studies or anything for that matter. Most of the times we are not comfortable discussing our problems with people whom we know like our friends or even famile members sometimes. However if you discuss your problems with a stranger without disclosing your identiy then you can open up more, describe your problem in detail and may be get a solution from a stranger and may be you become friends with that stranger later. So you anyways have an opportunity to make new friends here in these Chat Rooms.

If you are feeling lonely, bored and just want to start chatting without registration or providing e-mail or your real name then this chatting website is the right and best for you.

This website is a nice platform for lonely people or those who are stressed or unhappy or just unsatisfied with their life problems as here they can discuss their problems without disclosing their identity or any personally identifiable information.

This website is a perfect place if you wish to just chat with a stranger or just chat with someone.

One small clarification. This website is not meant for adult or sex related chats. If by any chance you are looking for adult or sex related chat then I guess you have reached to the wrong website. THIS WEBSITE IS NOT AT ALL MEANT FOR ANY KIND OF SEX OR ADULT CHAT. IF YOU WISH TO HAVE ADULT CHAT YOU MIGHT NEED TO VISIT SOME OTHER WEBSITE FOR THAT PURPOSE!!!!!