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About the beginning of this website.

There is a small interesting story behind the beginning of this website. To keep it short and crisp let me rather come straight to the point. My girlfriend dumped me long time back. I still miss her a lot. When she broke up with me I had no one to chat with. No one to tell about my problems. No one to discuss how I feel? No one to tell how much I cry. I had no one to tell about my pain. No one to help me out. No one to guide me.

It's not that, that I do not have friends. I do have a few good friends. But you cannot discuss everything with your friend. Especially your personal matter. I had no one to speak with and take advice as to what should I do. I lost focus on everything no matter what.

That is when I started going to some chatting websites and wanted to discuss my problems with strangers. You might find it a little strange but the reason I wanted to share my problem with a complete stranger is also little strange. I did not want my friends to laugh at me and make fun of me either in front of me or behind me. So I wanted to discuss all my problems with some strangers. I visited hundreds of chatting websites but I did not find anyone with whom I could share my pain. I did not find a single person who was interested in listening to me or telling me what to do. All I found were people interested in dirty chat. I was not looking for it. I do not like chatting dirty or anything related to cyber sex and that is my personal choice.

I did find people of opposite gender than mine who were interested in having dirty chat with me but I was not looking for dirty chat or cyber sex. I wanted someone to listen to me patiently and to my surprise there was no one who was interested. I used to think that chat rooms are meant for sharing your thoughts and make new friends.

But, what I found was opposite. There were only one kind of people. Those who were looking for sex related chat. This was a surprise for me and I thought about it for a while and tried to figure out why the only kind of people I am meeting in chatting websites are willing to have dirty chat. The only thing that could come in my mind is that they are lonely too, just like me and the only difference is that they found cyber sex as a way to please themself and get satisfaction and enjoy in the fake virtual world.

Some of the people I came across were single and looking for a partner online, some were not happy with their relationship, some were divorced, some were separated and so on. They all had a similarity. Loneliness !!

So, after this little research I thought of why not make a website for lonely people which actually would heal the disease from the root and just not give a temporary relief and instead would give a permanent cure for this problem. The disease is loneliness which can be cured if you discuss your problems with someone whom you do not know. As genrally we do not prefer to share our problems with people whom we know.

I am neither a web developer nor a web designer.I did not know how to make a website. I then made some studies, search etc related to websites. I read lot of blogs and forums related to web development, spent hours watching youtube videos on web development and finally got some basic idea about it. And finally, after lot of hard work and dedication this website is in front of you.

This website may not look that good as compared to other professionaly designed high traffic websites as I do not possess the necessary skills for web development and design. Nor, I have that kind of budget to do advertising. However, I believe in word of mouth publicity. You as a visitor if find this website any better than others then there are numerous ways you can help us grow. You can start by sharing this website's link in Facebook Twitter etc.

Hope you would keep visiting this website and also help us grow !!