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Basic Chat Room Rules & Etiquette

This page gives you rules related to usage of chat rooms in this website.

Internet Chatting is a great time pass for everyone and an opportunity and a platform to interact with new people and make new friends. Follow this simple guide to make it an enjoyable experience for yourself as well as for others and also for your own safety and privacy.

Some of the points mentioned here may also be referred to as Basic Chat Room Etiquette. Following them ensures everyone has a pleasant stay in a Chat Room.

You should be 18 years or over to use this free internet chat room service.

Spamming, Flooding or Advertising of any sort in the Chat Room or to any member is private messages is not allowed and will not be tolerated at any cost.

Never ever harrass or bully the other person not make fun of anyone either in public lobby nor in private.

Never ever hurt anyone's sentiments in the Chat Room either in Lobby nor in private messaging.

Inflammatory or defamatory comments, flaming or taunting is not allowed.

Do not discuss any topics related to religion, politics etc.

Do not discuss on any disputed issues as this Chat Room is not meant for that purpose.

Please remember that people on internet may or may not be what they claim to be. So please refrain from providing personal information like your name, contact no, address, e-mail etc. You need to understand that providing personal information makes you vulnerable.

In other words simply refrain from providing any information through which you may be identified or contacted in real world.

Avoid sharing your pictures, social networking website account details, e-mail address etc.

If a link is provided to you in a private chat or in main chat room please avoid clicking on it as it may be dangerous or it could be a virus which might compromise with your computer's security.

If in any case you decide to meet someone, you became friends with , by using any chatting service do not meet them alone. Take someone with you whom you trust and meet the person in a public place and try to meet them in a day time. In case, the other party is unwilling to meet you in day time or prefers to meet you alone then you can take it as a trigger that the other person may have wrong intentions.

Never ever try to meet your internet friend in night or late evenings. If they invite you to a party it is suggested that you avoid such a first time meeting for your own safety.

In an event of meeting an internet friend first time, never ever go to their place or invite them to your place for your safety as well as the safety of the other person.

Do not meet your online friend at a place which serves liquors for your own safety as someone might try to take advantage of you being drunk. Meeting in a coffee shop, a decent restaurant, a food court or a cineplex is probably a food idea however always ensure that the place is crowded.

Also, ensure that you have access to proper transportation facilities. Never meet your online friend at such a place which is not well connected by public transportation system. In such a case they may offer you a lift which may be highly unsafe.

You should avoid taking lift from your online friend or ask them to pick you up. First of all it may not be safe to be in a car lets say with a complete stranger and also it would reveal the place where you live which might not be safe.

You should also choose to avoid taking photgraphs of the initial few meetings with your online friend as this may not be safe if you are already in a relationship with someone else or even if you are single.

You may choose to take photographs with the other person as a remembrance of your dates with your online friend at a later stage when you have built complete faith and trust.

Whatever has been mentioned here is just a basic guide. It is suggested to do a proper internet search for extra tips regarding staying safe online. For more information on staying safe online follow this link.

If you have read all the rules and agree to abide by them please click here to open the Chat Room in a new window/tab. You may also click on the Main Chat Room link in the menu or check out the various available free chat rooms by visiting the List of Chat Rooms page.