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header - Why Us? Why not any other website???

We are aware that there are thousands of chatting websites. A large number of them are free to use. Many of them do not require any registration or do not ask for your e-mail address. So the question arises why and why not any other website.

I have a very simple answer. This is not just any other chatting website. We have a lot more to offer. We have a free forum where in you will find a lot of articles related to health tips, beauty tips, Jokes, Movies, Cars, Electronic gadgets, Computer tips and tricks, cooking tips, personality development, articles on competitive exams, history, travel tips etc

The list is long is these are just the major sections. The number of articles is so high that you need a few days to read them all !! You would certainly find our forum highly informative.

We also have a blog which is very interesting too !!

I have not been able to find any other chatting website which offers so much. I agree that the core of this website is chatting but we have aa lot more than just chattting.

Unlike many other sites this is not a sex chat site.

We strictly do not allow sex chatting in your chat room.

Here you would find people whom you have some similarities with. We recommend this website to people who have problems in their life. It may be related to studies, career, marriage, love, finacial problems, etc. You cna discuss your problems with people in the chat room without disclosing your identity. We do not collect any personally identifiable information so your anonymity is gauranteed unless you disclose your identity yourself.

We have a Facebook Fan Page where we share and post nice stuff related to health, fitness etc.

We allow you to make new friends through a dedicated thread in our forum where you can post about yourself and if someone else is interested in you they may contact you via a personal message in the forum or send you an e-mail via forum. We do not disclose your e-mail address unless you choose to do it yourself in your forum profile.

We regularly check for any spammers in our forum to make it spam free.

Currently we do not have any advertising in our website and we do not plan to have any advertising in future as well.

We may decide to use some advertising to keep the site running in future however we would never have those annoying pop-ups like many other sites.

Access to the Chat Room is very simple and you can always choose a nick name of your choice. Unlike other chatting websites where you would have to make a new profile and account if you want to change your username or nick name. If you want to use a different screen name/username simple logout and login with a new screen name. It just takes a few seconds and many chatroom do not offer this.

Unlike many other chatrooms your IP address is not revealed to anyone unless we are required to do it by law to competent authorities.

The best part is that we do not encourage any kind of sex related or adult chat.

There are lot of other reason why you should keep visiting this site and may be make it your home page and I think you will find them yourself once you become a regular visitor.